When my votes didn't count

The solons of our sophisticated society assure us that there is no election fraud.  Concerns about elections in which non citizens participate and fanatical partisans vote multiple times are dismissed as a paranoid right wing fantasy.  "Russian hacking" of our elections is the current grind, but our officials have not been able to demonstrate what was hacked, much less for whom, so they assure us that our votes were safe. This last week, I got woke. My household suffered its third assault on our ballots in four years.  Fortunately, I served as a city commissioner in Kentwood, Michigan for four years (until last fall) and had the means and the motive to trace the foul-ups to our city clerk's office.  These are people I know and trust.  They are good people who made some very human mistakes, but these effectively denied me and my wife our votes.  I wrote up the first two on the blog I kept as a city...(Read Full Post)