Trump hosts prominent conspiracy nut in the Oval Office

Donald Trump posed for an Oval Office picture with a man who is promoting the conspiracy theory that top Democrats are part of an international pedophilia ring.  YouTube conspiracy theorist Lionel Lebron posted the photo and account of his meeting with Trump on Instagram. One thing is for sure: Trump made this guy's day. Daily Beast: Lebron is one of the internet's leading promoters of QAnon, the pro-Trump conspiracy theory based on a series of anonymous clues posted to internet forums.  QAnon believers have interpreted the clues, which they claim without evidence are coming from a highly placed source in the Trump administration, to mean that Trump and the military are engaged in a high-stakes shadow war against a supposed globalist pedophile cult.  The conspiracy theory has caught on with Trump supporters, who have held up QAnon-related signs and wear QAnon shirts to the president's rallies. Lebron claimed to have received a...(Read Full Post)