'Transgender' woman mutilates herself, traumatizes husband, distresses son

The WaPo published an article that was supposed to praise the so-called "transgendered" but instead is a textbook example of mental illness. Starting at age 11, [she] prayed for breast cancer.  So distressing were the markers of [her] femininity that Kris Irvin – who identifies as a man and uses the pronouns they, them and their – would have welcomed abnormal cell growth in [her] "crappy and dysfunctional body." "Kris" was so mentally ill that she wanted to have cancer.  Kris is so mentally ill that she refers to herself as "them."  That used to be called schizophrenia; now it's called "trailblazing candidate for governor of Vermont."  Kris thinks a healthy woman's body is "dysfunctional."  This first paragraph screams of mental illness.  At the Washington Post, the inmates run the asylum. Irvin knew of no other remedy for the...(Read Full Post)