The left is colluding with Russia

Russia's decades-long goal has been to destabilize American politics and thus America itself.  It is to the Russians' strategic advantage to weaken an incoming U.S. president.  At the times in our 2016 election during which Russia is accused of meddling, few thought Donald Trump had a chance of winning.  Russia's goal would logically have been to weaken the presumptive winner, Hillary Clinton.  By leaking emails, if it was in fact the Russians, what most of America already suspected was proven to be true.  Hillary was corrupt, and so was the DNC itself.  Russia would logically and strategically much have preferred Hillary as our president, since she could have been manipulated and blackmailed six ways to Sunday.  It would have been a Russian free-for-all deciding what dirt to use and when.

Trump's upset victory provided an unexpected opportunity to Russia.  They had the chance to create far more chaos than they had ever dreamed when they were exposing Hillary.  Putin is anything but stupid, and he could see that the American left had become unhinged, to put it mildly.  Russia saw an opportunity to create massive chaos over the election and to damage our new president.  To do this, the Russians needed to have someone willing to carry the ball for them.  Enter the anti-Trumpers, a group so blinded by anger and hatred that damage to America wasn't even on their radar.  Putin must have been smiling.

Whether the anti-Trumpers knowingly colluded with Russia to inject chaos into our electoral system and weaken our president, only they know...for now.  Maybe they were just duped by the Russians, although the so-called elites would never admit to that.  Be that as it may, the assistance to the Russians provided by the anti-Trumpers to further Russian interests has produced far more chaos and damage to America than Russian spies or their intel people ever could.

It is thus the ultimate irony that those accusing Trump of colluding with the Russians are themselves the real colluders and on a far more massive scale than Trump ever could have done.  Politics does indeed make strange bedfellows.  American voters, take note.

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