The last remaining weapon of the left

With no platform to stand on and President Trump hitting the ball out of the economic ballpark, the left continually finds itself having to rely solely on its core strength: blatant lying and fabricating false narratives.

The ability to lie to promote a cause is one of the more powerful capabilities continuously utilized by the left.  It's powerful in the sense that it so often works to muddy the waters.  However, this does not mean that the freehanded application of lies told on the part of the left contains the energy to produce a good or positive result.  More often than not, the result is devastation and misery.

In his groundbreaking bestseller, People of the Lie, the late M. Scott Peck describes this kind of deceitful behavior as evil.  Although Peck does not mention the left specifically by name, his interpretation of human evil is essentially the playbook of the Democratic far left.  Evil people as described in Peck's book do not wear black capes and murder on a daily basis. Among his many descriptions, Peck speaks of how people of the lie attack others instead of facing their failures.  He describes the differences between people of the lie and sociopaths in that evil people realize that they have a conscience but choose to ignore it, whereas sociopaths seem not to have a conscience.  Also, Peck mentions that people of the lie seek out positions of power and want to appear morally superior to others. 

On the other hand, people of conscience sometimes struggle with deciding what is right.  To struggle is to feel discomfort, something the left avoids at all cost.  In the same way, the lies told by the left are free of internal struggle with conscience.  They are also an escape from making tough decisions.  Free education, free housing, free transportation for everyone are comfortable lies to use to win elections.  However, they are told to allow leftists to avoid the hard choices of life while at the same time feeling superior to those who oppose them.

As an example, one would never know it by listening to the leftist media that conservatives do not like to see families split apart at the border, but, through their struggle of conscience, they have come to understand that to allow anyone a free pass into the country poses a danger to the country as well as those entering illegally.  The left avoids painful decision-making and sets itself up to feel morally superior by ignoring the facts and vilifying conservatives with name-calling.

This kind of dysfunctional behavior by the left is witnessed by leftists' hypocritical views on Trump's achievements, Hillary Clinton's crimes, murder rates in gun-free zones, etc.  And it would not be so damaging if the dissemination of information by the media to the rest of the country did not perpetuate the lies of the left.  Because the leftist media agree with the lies told by the left, the left takes full advantage to push its agenda deceitfully.  However, when it comes to the viewpoints held by people of conscience, the leftist media ignore their perspectives and instead launch into personal attacks, forcing the person into the uphill task of abandoning his cause and defending himself against the fabricated lies told by the left. 

So, in the most real sense, the political and social trials this country is facing are not between Democrat and Republican, but rather between those who struggle with a conscience who seek the good of others through telling the truth and those who avoid their conscience to avoid pain and seek power and control through the use of lies.  

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