The Dems' big problem

It's Tuesday morning, and I know what my progressive neighbors down here in South Florida are doing this very moment.  They're fumbling crazily through the financial section of the paper or logging on to their computers to find out how much more they're worth today than yesterday.  With the market at an all-time high, their pensions, IRAs, 401(k)s, and other market-based investments are soaring, but in the backs of their straight-edged, angled brains, they know they're not supposed to be happy.  They try as they may to erase the knowledge that it's Trump who has made them paper-rich beyond all dreams.  They were warned by such geniuses as Paul Krugman and Robert Reich that a Trump presidency would cause the sky and markets to fall, that our streets would be filled with wretched, smelly homeless, that we would be, by now, experiencing mind-blowing Grapes of Wrath-like poverty.  A Trump...(Read Full Post)