Pope Francis, you really let us down

Pope Francis refuses to say "a single word" about the accusation by Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò, former papal nuncio to the United States, that Francis knew in 2013 of former Cardinal Theodore McCarrick's sexual predations of young men in seminary and covered them up.

I've had it with this man.  He goes around redefining Church dogma to suit himself, saying there is no Hell.  As the head of the Church, he doesn't have the right to do that.  If he wants to gainsay Christ, he should resign his post and go on a lecture tour as a private citizen, saying whatever turns him on.

Now he refuses to talk about an issue central to the Church today. It's his duty to condemn behavior that contravenes the will of God as revealed in Scripture, to include covering up such behavior.  If he can't bring himself to do these things, he ought never to have accepted the papacy.

Francis's refusal to follow doctrine, and then to even discuss a crucially important issue, leads to suspicions that he himself has taken part in the filth he enabled.  No disciple of Christ, no true man of God, would say or do what this pope has said and done.  As an obvious adherent of the Vatican II departures from church dogma, he has no place among believers.

Get out, Francis.  You are not fit to lead the Catholic Church.  Go back to being just another dude. That we can accept.

Richard Jack Rail is the author of A Diary of the Trump Era, Year 1 with Year 2 on the way.  He can be reached at caktusjakk@gmail.com.

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