Poll: 70% support 'Medicare for All'

A Reuters-Ipsos poll found that 70% of Americans support the socialist health care scheme "Medicare for All."  And 60% support "free" college tuition.

The Hill:

The Reuters-Ipsos survey found 85 percent of Democrats said they support the policy along with 52 percent of Republicans.

Medicare for all has been in the headlines after a study by the libertarian-leaning Mercatus Center at George Mason University found it would lead to $32.6 trillion increase in federal spending over a 10-year period.

The study's author, Charles Blahous, wrote in The Wall Street Journal earlier this month that even doubling taxes would not cover the bill for a single-payer health-care system.

The policy's proponents, however, point to a note in the study showing that health-care costs would also decrease by $2 trillion by 2031 if it became law.

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.), who has introduced a Medicare for all bill, has said that the Mercatus study is "grossly misleading and biased."

The new Reuters poll also showed that a majority of Americans supports free [sic] college tuition.  Forty-one percent of Republicans said they supported the policy, pollsters found, compared with 79 percent of Democrats.

The move to abolish Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) was also opposed by a majority of respondents.  Seventy percent of Republicans said they opposed abolishing the 15-year-old agency, while Democrats said they were evenly split on the issue, with roughly 44 percent in favor of abolishing it and 44 percent saying it should remain.

Hey, Americans!  Do you want free stuff?  To this, America resoundingly answered, "Do you think I'm an idiot?  Of course I want free stuff."

This poll is worse than bogus because it surveyed all Americans, not voters, and not registered voters.  To be kind, Americans who don't vote aren't as well informed as they should be.

If they were, they'd know that no matter how much "savings" there is in health care costs, somebody has to pay the piper.  At $32 trillion over ten years, that is one rich piper.

America's four-year colleges are praying (or sacrificing animals to whatever god they worship) for a free tuition bonanza.  The nation's higher education system is in deep crisis, with falling enrollments leading inevitably to budget cuts.  It is axiomatic that if you offer something for free, you will get more of it.  They ought to call the bill offering taxpayer-funded tuition the "Save Harvard Bill."

But do these numbers mean that single-payer health care and free tuition is inevitable?  Those numbers would flip in a heartbeat if people knew that their taxes would double under such a system.  But it's still interesting to see the allure of the nanny state to ordinary Americans.

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