Politico reporter calls Trump supporters 'garbage people' โ€“ and then lectures us

Media bias, anyone? Politico reporter Marc Caputo was caught tweeting ugly about President Trump's supporters, following an incident where CNN correspondent Jim Acosta was jeered by a group of them at this week's Trump rally in Tampa, Florida.  Here's what he tweeted before apologizing. This is about par for the course for the anti-Trump left, which includes nearly all of the mainstream media.  Anyone who supports Trump is toothless, uneducated, stupid, hillbillyish (remember that Peter Strzok considered Trump supporters "ignorant hillbillies," too), and unfit to live or vote in any part of the civilized world inhabited solely by #NeverTrumps and leftists.  We know they loathe us.  The Washington Times has a full account here. Glenn Reynolds has a good summary of what's really going on here: Two points: (1) Yes, this is what the press thinks about Trump supporters, and this...(Read Full Post)