Pity the Trump-haters: NAFTA triumph seems to be looming

Bloomberg's report this morning is great news for America and terrible news for Trump-haters from both parties.  Eric Martin and Jennifer Jacobs write:

The U.S. and Mexico are poised to resolve their bilateral Nafta differences as soon as Monday, creating an opening for Canada to rejoin talks covering $1.2 trillion in annual trade.

Significant breakthroughs between Mexico and the U.S. came during the past several days on the contentious issues of automobiles and energy, according to three people familiar with the process who asked not to be named discussing private talks.

Along with Canada, they've been negotiating for a year to overhaul the 24-year-old accord at the insistence of Donald Trump.  The U.S. president says the deal has led to hundreds of thousands of lost American jobs, and he promised to either change it to be more favorable to the U.S., or withdraw.

Trump said Saturday on Twitter that the U.S. could have a "big Trade Agreement" with its southern neighbor soon.

Credit: Wikimedia Commons.

Wait a minute!  Weren't we told by most of the purportedly smart people that Trump is reckless, that Mexico now hates him (and us), and that disaster is certain?

The real disaster has been that America has adopted a wide range of policies that favor exporting manufacturing, resulting in devastation of large areas of the Middle West.  President Trump is systematically removing barriers, and the manufacturing economy already is responding.

That sound you are not hearing is all the critics admitting they have been wrong.

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