Robbery of Apple Store recorded, but media won't describe robbers

It's become almost common for thieves to run into Apple stores in the San Francisco Bay area, grab electronics, and then run away.  The media have a hard time reporting the details of such robberies.

Here's a video of the most recent robbery in Corte Madera, California.  What details can you glean concerning the robbers?

After watching the video, the Marin Independent Journal could say only this:

The suspects are males, in their teens to early 20s, wearing black hooded sweatshirts with the hoods up[.]

CBS News gave no description at all, despite posting photos of the suspects.

The experts at ABC News could describe them only as "wearing black hoodies," while also showing video of another Apple Store being robbed in Fresno and also not identifying the suspects who were clearly visible.

The problem?  The suspects were black.

The media love to talk about race (and gender and sex and class) in every article they can – except articles where one of their favorite identity groups is accused of crimes.

That's why, when there's a mysterious massacre in America or Canada or England, the media will often say only that "an individual" has been arrested, refusing to even release a name for fear that words like "Mohammed" will slip out.  That's why when an illegal alien murders someone, as President Trump recently noted, the media quickly lose interest.  And when a black person commits a crime, that runs counter to the media's narrative that all black people are victims, so even when news organizations post photos and videos, clearly showing that the perpetrators are black, the media refuse to identify their race, even if identifying their race can help them get recognized and caught.

Nearly every day, there's an article entitled "Blacks discriminated against in [place/situation/event]" but never will you read an article entitled "Black men rob an Apple store."  The media would be afraid of being called racist.

But it's the media that are racist, racist against white people, writing every fact and fiction they can against white people, while turning a blind eye to the misdeeds of any other group.  When the media ignore their own video and photos to do so, it becomes comical in the extreme.

Ed Straker is the senior editor of the Newsmachete Twitter Feed.

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