Kelli Ward and the 'chemtrails' third rail

I applaud patriot Lloyd Marcus for his support of GOP primary candidate Kelli Ward as she runs to fill outgoing Jeff Flake's Arizona Senate seat.  There's a huge concern, however, on what remains as a largely unsolved problem with the August 28 primary contenders. This could be Ward's race to win, if she can get out in front of a third-rail problem, which the local and potentially national mainstream media might use as a weapon to sink her campaign. "ChemTrail Kelli Ward." Kelli Ward.  Photo credit: Gage Skidmore via Flickr. Senator Mitch McConnell's PAC didn't invent this last year in a pre-emptive cheap-shot support effort of Jeff Flake before Flake's aborted re-election campaign.  It's real.  Ward held an embarrassing public constituency meeting in 2014 where she did nothing to dispel the anti-science, anti-intellectual conspiracy theory about...(Read Full Post)