Keith Ellison is no lawman

Another story alleging bad behavior with women, and once again a Democrat in the middle of it.  Nevertheless, I think that Mr. Allison deserves a fair hearing on this and let the chips fall where they may.  Time will tell.

My real problem with Mr. Ellison is that this man is the last person on the planet who should be a "law man," as Scott Johnson wrote:

Here some history is in order: Ellison was an active supporter and local leader of the Nation of Islam in Minneapolis before his election to Congress.  (I set forth this history in some detail in the October 9, 2006 issue of The Weekly Standard.)  Ellison has baldly dissembled about this history since 2006.  In his 2014 memoir My Country, 'Tis of Thee, for example, Ellison simply omitted it and presented himself as a critic of Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam.

This past June, Ellison told Jake Tapper on CNN, "I worked on the Million Man March and I was proud to do so.  That's it."  But that wasn't it.  Ellison first sought office as a Democrat in 1998 as Keith Ellison-Muhammad, a self-avowed member of the Nation of Islam.  (Ellison-Muhammad is just one of three Nation of Islam names Ellison has used over the years.)  Fortunately for him, Ellison's 5th District constituents haven't much cared about his history and the Minneapolis Star Tribune has almost entirely let it rest exactly where Ellison wants it.

But seeking the top law enforcement job in Minnesota and running for statewide office should be a more daunting challenge because Ellison is an extraordinarily poor fit for the job.  Among the troubling threads that run through Ellison's career: support for cop killers.

How does man look at police officers and say "do your job"?  How can any law enforcement person in Minnesota trust that A.G. Ellison would have his back?

There is something wrong with a national political party that nominates someone like Keith Ellison for attorney general.  I don't care about his religion or liberal views.  I do care about his disregard for police officers – the same men and women who may be reporting to him next year.

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