Dinesh D'Souza's Death of a Nation: Rectifying revisionist history

All written history is revisionist.  With each successive generation, history is rewritten by people with new access to classified information, memoirs of those who were present, and the ever changing political landscape that colors everything we read about history and current events, political and cultural.  Often, the revisions of important events of the past are welcome and truthful, corrections of past misperceptions.  But just as often, revisionist history is slanted toward the politics of the era, the decade, or the current climate. Since the 1960s and the takeover of higher education by tenured radicals that followed, American history has indeed been revised to favor the progressive left and to indoctrinate Americans with a distorted view, if not outright misrepresentation, of the facts of American history.  The 1960s were characterized by the anti-Americanism of the new left, and these leftists set out to drastically alter how...(Read Full Post)