Did James Clapper meet with Bruce and Nellie Ohr?

It is essential to untangle a conspiracy in order to bring full transparency on the actions of senior players in their anti-constitutional mission to destroy Donald Trump by all means possible while they were operating at the highest levels of the Deep State.

Consequently, Kimberley A. Strassel, with her usual excellent reporting for the Wall Street Journal, asks an excellent question: what was Bruce Ohr doing?

In her article, she points out the need for further investigation of the Ohrs' potentially illegal activity.

Who else in former FBI Director Jim Comey's inner circle and at the Obama Justice Department nodded at the FBI's back-door interaction with a sacked source and a Clinton operative?

Since D.C. is in many ways a company town, and many anti-Trump zealots are tracking Trump administration appointees to harass and embarrass them in public, turnabout on identifying a potential cabal of miscreants is only fair.

So when a fellow USMC combat pilot recently sent me an email, I thought it important to share with the readers of the American Thinker blog.

Perhaps this will give congressional investigators a possible lead outside just the Ohrs' DOJ-FBI orbit:

I was with my girlfriend at the lounge in the Ritz Carlton Hotel in Tysons Corner when we realized we were sitting about 20 feet or so away from Clapper [proven DNI liar to Congress –EdT added].

He was in a suit and drinking a martini.  Opposite him at his table was a couple who we did not recognize.  They were in casual street clothes so we assumed they might be acquaintances from out of town. 

I remembered some of the details about them that I thought odd.

It wasn't until several months later that it dawned on us who the "odd couple" was since we were beginning to see their pictures in articles, blogs, etc.  Bruce and Nelly Ohr.  I went back through my credit card receipts and confirmed the date we were there.  4/1/17.  Odd indeed. 

All heck was breaking lose in March 2017, so – assuming my friend made the correct identification – what were James Clapper and Bruce and Nelly Ohr conspiring about on April Fool's Day 2017?

Bruce and Nellie Ohr might be hard to mistake:

As a disclaimer, eyewitnesses can get it wrong, so Congress can simply ask Bruce Ohr this question when members interview him in a non-public session on August 28: "Did you and your wife meet with DNI Clapper?  Is so, what was on the agenda?"

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