CNN breaking news: imminent invasion of white supremacists

In the past few days, CNN has re-introduced the narrative that President Trump is the cause of, and should be blamed for, a rise in white supremacy movements in America.  Like all excellent reporting from CNN, the underlying fiction is buried in hysteria, hyperbole, and outright fabrication. In a Developing Story, "Neo-Nazi says he is emboldened by Trump: This is my country," Erin Burnett moderates fifteen minutes of reporting about a single man in Ulysses, Pennsylvania, a town of barely seven hundred people, who claims that he speaks for the "rural America who spoke up when they elected Trump."  Reporter Sara Sidner speaks to the man about his beliefs, in his driveway, alone, and after she is chased away, meets with a dozen of his neighbors in a "church down the street.”  The man's neighbors dutifully state that they don't share his beliefs, and they are concerned that, "Well, he [Trump] hasn't...(Read Full Post)