Censorship: the true bigotry

Alex Jones is a fool. He has always been a fool. That is no reason whatsoever to censor him. There are a lot of fools around, after all. The people who defend censoring ideas are also fools (that goes for government censorship and corporate censorship). All of them. From Marxist dictators right down to the rich Hollywood elites who like to wine and dine Marxist dictators. True democratic choice depends upon the free flow of information and ideas. Censorship is always and everywhere an attack on both human dignity and democracy itself. How then could silencing dissidents be defending democracy, as many mainstream media talking heads claim? If you are not exposed to different ideas, even wrong ideas, even stupid ideas, you’re not really free to choose your own destiny as an individual or as a people. Knowing what other options there are is a prerequisite to selecting them. The largest threat to American democracy is not Russia and never has been. The largest threat to...(Read Full Post)