California's version of the House Banking Scandal?

Spectacular waste of tax money doesn't bother California's voters, but a just uncovered scandal in California has the potential to drive voter anger against the Democrat-dominated state legislature, maybe even to the extent of significant political turnover. Voters in the United States – even California voters – detest politicians exempting themselves from the travails ordinary citizens must endure.  In the 1992 House Banking Scandal, it was revealed that members of the House of Representatives were allowed to write checks for which they had insufficient funds, with the little known House Bank covering for them.  Intense resentment and anger followed, and then, in 1994, the next election, 77 incumbent House members resigned or were driven from office, ushering the first GOP-majority House in decades, under Newt Gingrich's "Contract with America." Everyone in California who drives must deal with the Department of Motor...(Read Full Post)