1066 AD in 2018 AD

In October of 1066, shortly after Harold Godwinson received an arrow to the eye, victory in the Battle of Hastings cemented William the Conqueror's right to the English throne. Historians note the unique nature of the year 1066 as marking the last time England was invaded by an outside force. Two groups have made up the bulk of immigration to the U.K. within the last few decades: Poles and Middle Easterners from Islamic nations.  By and large, the Poles have assimilated quite well, with the children of the initial wave of immigrants describing themselves as thoroughly British in both culture and disposition.  They have, as a whole, been appreciative of the superior economic conditions afforded them by the U.K. and thus have more quickly internalized the common culture of the West.  In short, they have assimilated and have enhanced their new home. Sizeable parts of London, by all accounts a Western, cosmopolitan city, are...(Read Full Post)