When will anyone in Illinois get embarrassed about Dick Durbin?

Senator Dick Durbin is an absolute embarrassment.  His latest stunt was a fact-free rant about the Immigration and Customs Service being incompetent, a topic he knows all about based on his own example, but virtually nothing as pertains to others in comparison.

Yet he gets away with it, and he gets away with it because the press keeps giving him a pass.  So when are the local and state media going to be embarrassed about Durbin?

Let's start from the beginning:

In 2005, he compared our soldiers to Pol Pot, the Gulag, and the Nazis.  He wrote down what he said, so he meant exactly what he said.

The next day, he cried like a Pajama Boy and did a pretend apology, claiming that people had misinterpreted what he said.

He got away with that, and by the time 2010 rolled around, he was ready for more.

In 2010, Durbin declared he was all for getting rid of chain migration in the name of his constituents' interests, and then, in 2018, he called President Trump a racist for even using the term and acted as though Trump were talking about slavery.  He got worse when he made up the tale of "s-hole countries" and attributed this figment of his own imagination to President Trump, something no one at his meeting was able to back him on.

Now he is climbing on the anti-ICE bandwagon and calling the men and women of that agency "incompetent."  He never said a word denouncing ICE while they were enforcing our laws and conducting raids during Obama's terms.  He never said a word as Obama had kids in facilities.  Now he and others act as though Trump is Hitler for enforcing the very laws Durbin passed.

Durbin swings with the wind, which makes him virtually worthless to the people he's supposed to represent in Illinois.

Maybe someone could ask Durbin which other laws politicians in sanctuary cities and states can choose not to enforce.  Is the oath of office important when they say they will enforce the laws?

When are the media going to care?

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