Backfire: Trump soars 5 points in IBD-TIPP poll after Democrats go rabid

Are Democrats the biggest idiots alive?

A new poll from IBD-TIPP (the most reliable, by the way) shows that President Trump has soared five fat points in the wake of Democrats' rage-fest against him over illegal immigration.  Our president is looking more presidential to the voters, and the left seems to be eating itself.

Seriously, many warnings have gone out that Democrats staking their future on open borders, hollering about "the children," isn't working at all.  As Trump soars, it turns out they're digging their own graves.

Investor's Business Daily's John Merline writes:

Increasingly bitter and aggressive attacks on President Trump managed to bolster his approval rating, which climbed 5 points to reach the second highest level of his presidency, the latest IBD/TIPP Poll finds.

The July poll found that 41% approve of the job Trump is doing.  That's the first time he's been above 40% since March 2017, and just 1 point below his highest approval rating of 42% during his first month in office.  Fifty-four [percent] disapprove of his job performance.

Attacks on Trump intensified late last month in the wake of the administration's "zero tolerance" policy toward those caught illegally crossing the U.S.-Mexico border – including families.

A poll like this is bound to get Democrats' attention – the smart ones, at least, the ones who strategize behind closed doors.  It's quite possible that if they don't dismiss this poll (which they know was oh, so right on election night 2016) outright, they'll start telling their rabid denizens to cool it if they want to maintain any hope for their vaunted blue wave come November.  If we see quietude from the left, we'll know they believe it.

On the other hand, this is the left we are talking about, the rabid, rabid left, in full mouth-foaming glory.  As Glenn Reynolds at Instapundit points out, all they have to do is not be crazy – and they can't even do that.

Bottom line is that the public is fed up with illegal alien sob stories, whether of illegal alien moms who abandon kids back home and bring in some of their crying, high-cost children here as deterrents to detention, or screaming DREAMers, yelling how we owe them and brimming with ingratitude.  Their cause is not working for Democrats even as they turn the volume up; it's actually consolidating and increasing support for President Trump.  Even more important, the crazy cries from Democrats to abolish borders, abolish detention for lawbreaking, abolish ICE, and turn the whole thing over to left-wing lawyers isn't working, either.  It's just beefing up Trump.  Worst of all, the crazed meltdowns of the rabid left – from harassing public officials in restaurants to threatening Republican kids to bellowing from Congress that Republicans should be hounded forever – are failing spectacularly.  The tantrums are absolutely blowing it for the left and pumping up Trump.  The amazing #walkaway movement is premised on just this revolting, repulsive behavior, as noted by Karin McQuillan here.  This Democrat behavior coincides with another poll showing that Trump's leftist rival, President Obama, is now considered the country's worst ever president.  The beneficiary in all of this, of course, is Trump.

Now we see the five-point spike for Trump.  All we can ask now is that these clowns keep it up.  They're doing our work for us so we don't have to.

Image credit: Gage Skidmore via FlickrCC BY-SA 2.0.

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