We got the judges we expected by voting Trump

Back in 2016, many of us were not on the Trump bandwagon.  As I wrote here, I voted for Senator Marco Rubio in the Texas primary because of his apparent electability.  Later, I was hoping for a Kasich-Rubio ticket because of the Florida and Ohio connection. On election day, I voted for Trump for one reason: the Supreme Court.  In other words, I knew that Donald Trump would make better selections to the court than Hillary Clinton. Trump won.  We got Neil Gorsuch and the Janus ruling that will end the cozy relationship between public-sector unions and the Democrats.  Private-sector unions will go on, but the political landscape in California, Illinois, and other blue states will change. Beyond that ruling, we saw a conservative coalition stick together and issue strong opinions, from the travel ban to the wedding cake decision. President Trump has also appointed some strong people to...(Read Full Post)