Trump embarrasses Hillary on Russia with video tweet

People who live in Russia-tinted glass houses shouldn't be throwing stones.  The decision to pretend Russia is our most worrisome boogeyman, and that it somehow managed to tilt the 2016 presidential election to Trump, was made in haste as a means of explaining away a defeat that was unthinkable to the entire political and media establishment, including a wide swath of Republicans and conservatives.  It is an exceedingly dangerous thread to pull on, however, considering the history of Democrats colluding with the USSR under communism, not to mention the Uranium One deal tainting Hillary Clinton and her husband with millions of dollars received from beneficiaries of the sellout of America's strategically vital uranium reserves.

There is a rich vein for President Trump to mine of Democrats saying and doing things to benefit Russia.  Thursday, he tweeted this video of Hillary shilling for a "strong Russia":

Just wait until Uranium One facts start appearing.  And remember that it was Rod Rosenstein who handled the prosecution that amounted to a whitewash.  

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