The Thai holiday from media bias

The rescue of 12 Thai boys and their soccer coach from a terrifying cave entrapment was a wonderfully compelling story, particularly because it had a happy ending, and a happy ending against all odds.  We know there will be disputes over film rights, submarines, or compensation or something, as similar things happened with the global rescue of the Chilean miners in 2010.

But for a brief few days, it was marvelous and compelling to watch and learn how a complicated, never before achieved cave rescue of 13 innocents unfolded, man against nature, vast teams working together, the Thai officials on camera coming off as serious and determined and competent, and the SEALs, British, American and Thai, looking downright cinematically tough, and taking on danger like knights.  Amazing story, and uplifting, too.

Here's what's really good about it: it covered the news, and the news was unable to insert any bias or agenda.  What could they do – insert illegals into it?  Call it a story about abortion rights?  Declare it a sexism issue?  Discuss it as an oppressed minorities case?  This doesn't even get into issues of distorting the news, as this case here is but one example of.  They couldn't make it into a propaganda item for their leftist agenda if they tried.

All they could do was shut up and report the news, and it was news reported as it should have been reported, with many compelling stories and broadcasts.

Here were some really good and interesting stories that highlighted the things we wanted to know about the courage, the danger, and the complexity of that operation, that left us all praying for its success:

All 12 boys and coach successfully rescued from Thai cave – as it happened -Guardian

Thailand cave rescue: Divers face 'big problems' during perilous operation -SkyNews

Navy SEALs who rescued Thai soccer team from cave almost didn't make it out, military officials say -ABC News

The Worst Thing You Can Do Is Panic -The Atlantic

Even social media had a positive role: the Thai Navy SEALs website was a great place to go for updates from the lead rescuers.

How can you bias this stuff and bring up issues of interest only to the Washington Swamp?  It took place in Thailand, a nice place that isn't even on the Washington radar.  Reporting this kind of news was hard to corrupt with agendas, and anyone who tried to tie it to politics or other issues came out looking like a clown.

Much of the analysis out there said the story was compelling because it amounted to a break from politics.  Maybe so, but even more important, it was a break from media bias.  Those who would corrupt media reportage with their biases couldn't easily touch this.  How nice to have a Thai holiday from it.

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