The midterm elections: What is at stake?

Midterm elections are just around the corner.  Once again, the slick easy-answers politicians are doing all they can to get our votes.  The Democrats promise their base everything and more. Polls show that many Americans are happy with the president's economy and where the country is headed.  That is good news.  The poll also contained good news for Republicans heading into the November midterm elections: seven out of ten GOP voters told CBS they prefer a candidate the president supports. Again, this is America, where the voter is king.  When one is king, he needs to be a wise king.  Sadly, the Democrats have been far too busy sabotaging every achievement President Trump has made.  Their action is unprecedented in the history of our republic.  It is as though they work with our enemies just to oust Trump from office. Let us refresh the voters' memory to help them in making a wise...(Read Full Post)