The Helsinki play

President Trump has come under fire from left and right for his meeting with Vladimir Putin in Helsinki.

Ever since assuming office, Donald Trump has shown that he's much shrewder than anybody ever suspected.  Not just a little shrewder, either, or a tad smarter, or a bit quicker.  In chess terms, he's several plays ahead.  He lets people think they've won, and a week or two down the road, they realize they've been had.  He has done this repeatedly.  Some in his corner always shout "sellout!," and ultimately we see heads being handed back to fast-blinking doubters.

We've also seen ample proof that Trump does not persist in error once he sees it.  His ego does not get in the way of doing what needs doing, a trait that sets him apart from so many who've held the office.  This obviously follows from his years in big business where error costs money – your money.

I think Trump has another play going, one that will reveal the untrustworthies for who and what they are.  He needed to test Putin, and Helsinki became the testing ground.  If Putin lied or does not live up to his word, Trump will reverse course, and Putin will lose whatever he thought he had gained.  He'll understand that he never fooled DJT at all.  If Putin really is to be trusted in the matters discussed, as Trump has indicated he is, then the hair-pullers and chest-beaters will be shown, once again, as Chicken Littles, not to be taken seriously.

It all comes down to wait and see.  Our boy's done us proud up 'til now.  Give this a chance to work.  I don't think you'll be disappointed.

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