The fallacy of elitism

Who and what are the so-called elite?  The mainstream media pundits certainly consider themselves an elite.  So do "establishment" politicians on both sides of the aisle.  Academics at liberal universities think they are of the elite, as does anyone on the political left.

What makes these people believe they are elite?

"Elite" is generally considered to refer to a select, highly qualified group at the top of their respective fields.  Those described actually believe they are of such elite intellect that only they know what is best for the rest of us in every way.

The problem for them is that everybody is ignorant, just in different subjects.  These so-called elites don't know what they don't know, or won't admit it, and that makes them dangerous for "the rest of us."  Those who push for socialism obviously do not know or understand history, which shows that socialism has always failed.  Those who want to eliminate testing to be sure that no child has his self-esteem hurt by poor test scores obviously cannot see the long-term damage to our educational system and to the psyche of the children who will in no way be prepared for the real world.  The global warming hysterics and those who push to ban internal combustion engines pay no heed to the economic effect of their ideologies.  Do they not realize that encouraging violence against those who disagree with their elite views is dangerous to our society and our cherished rule of law?  Those in both parties who are "resisting" an elected president do not have the common sense to recognize that they are doing precisely what the Russians want – namely, to stoke distrust in our electoral system and create division.  They are, in effect, the colluders.

Their real area of ignorance appears to be in common sense.  Do they really believe that most people in the country think and believe as they do?  Do they actually believe that insulting essentially half the population who voted against their wishes advances their cause?  Do they really believe that violence makes their cause popular beyond a small, radical group?  Worse yet, do they even care?

Ironically, it is their view of themselves and their way of thinking as the self-appointed elite that doom them.  By definition, the elite are a small group at the top, and small groups don't win elections.  The "rest of us" win elections.

If they had the common sense to look at all of America and not just their little elitist bubbles, they would realize that America is sick and tired of their self-perceived elitism.  Even the rest of us deplorables and whatevers could see that the "elite's" country was heading in the wrong direction and voted accordingly.

It was amusing to see the Democrats' new slogan for the 2018 midterm elections: "For the People."  They apparently cannot see that the slogan is elitist.  In effect, they are saying the people need their guidance for their own well-being.  Not We the People – i.e., smaller government – but For the People – i.e., bigger government.

Interesting choice of words, but it can't compare to Obama's 2012 slogan, "Win the Future," with a wall of WTFs on the curtains behind him.  His elitism and his overblown ego blinded him from seeing that WTF expressed what many people thought of his policies.  Fortunately for him, those within his party had it changed promptly.

It seems that MAGA was not such a bad slogan after all.