Thank you, Jerry Jones

It's amazing that we are even having a debate about standing up during the National Anthem.  I recall our sons' Little League team years ago standing up as someone in the bleachers played the anthem.  It was the way we started our championship round.  How did we get to a point where standing up, or showing respect for your flag, is a matter of controversy.  Is this what eight years of President Obama did to us?

Our Dallas Cowboys are getting ready for training camp.  Jerry Jones put the word out yesterday, and I'm delighted:

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones says his team has a policy requiring Dallas players to stand on the field for the national anthem regardless of any rules the NFL might adopt on the matter.

"I do think this recent effort by the league office and the players association to have discussions ... is a worthy effort," Jones said during a news conference Wednesday at the team's training camp site in Oxnard, California.  "And that's what you're seeing happen right now.  But in general, I will speak for one, and everybody knows where we stand, and we stand as a team."

Jones added that the Cowboys do not support players who chose to remain in the locker room during the anthem – something that would be allowed under the league-wide policy passed by team owners in May.

"Our policy is that you stand at the anthem, toe on the line," said Jones when asked if he would support a player staying in the locker room during the anthem.

The NFL had no comment on Jones' remarks.

My guess is that thousands of fans are standing up and cheering.

What happens next?  Will Cowboys players test Jones?  I don't think so.  Cowboys players know that such a move would destroy their careers around here.

What happens with the NFL, the union, or the other owners?  We will see.  My guess is that other NFL owners will follow because they understand what this nonsense did to the league last year.  The union may challenge Jones but I don't think that he will lose any sleep over it.  The commissioner will probably play both sides and hold more meetings.

Jones has shown the league what ownership or leadership looks like.  In other words, the Dallas Cowboys will stand and lineup for the anthem.

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