Terror group Al-Shabaab bans use of plastic bags in Somalia

The terror group Al-Shabaab apparently cares about our planet.  Members all of a sudden are going green in an attempt to save Planet Earth.  It is becoming clear that Al-Shabaab, like their sympathizers on the left have suddenly gotten their priorities straight.  Saving the Earth from the evil of plastic bags certainly trumps cutting off people's heads and blowing them up, don't you think?

The BBC (apparently not the Onion) reports:

The radical Al-Shabaab now seems to have another thing in common with the modern day left.  It is apparent that both are becoming comfortable in using selective outrage, virtue-signaling, and moral relativism to impose their agenda upon the rest of us.  It is obvious now that no amount of hyperbole or virtue-signaling becomes too much when it comes to pushing an agenda.

Al-Shabaab and the left are two radical movements becoming more alike every single day.  Both groups now use the climate change cult to gain traction for their individual causes and sympathy from the rest of the world.  God help those who buy into their radical warped agendas.

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