Media hypocrisy and children's lives

The utter hypocrisy of the left could not be on more blatant display.  On Friday, June 23, President Trump held a meeting with the group called Angel Families, the families of people who have been killed, mostly murdered, by illegal aliens.  

According to Fox News:

President Trump on Friday blasted what he described as a media double standard on immigration, as he honored families whose loved ones were killed by illegal immigrants [sic] and accused the press of ignoring them to focus on the plight of migrants caught crossing the border.

After a week of saturation coverage on illegal immigrant [sic] parents separated from their children – a policy Trump reversed under public and political pressure – the president stressed that so-called Angel Families have been "permanently separated."

The families, whose children and other relatives were killed by illegal immigrants [sic], echoed that message during the White House event.

"You don't hear these stories," said Steve Ronnebeck, whose 21-year-old son Grant was killed by an illegal immigrant [sic] over a pack of cigarettes.  "But this is permanent separation."

Contrast this with a story that has garnered worldwide attention: the fate of a dozen boys and their soccer coach found this week alive in a flooded cave complex in northern Thailand.  From the Wall Street Journal: 

Medics are also starting the youths on easily digestible foods and shakes to gradually build up their strength.  The Thai SEAL team also includes a psychologist who is helping the boys recover from the mental strain of being trapped underground for so long.

To that end, engineers Tuesday were laying a telephone line to where the boys are located so they can speak with their families outside.

A member from one of the international dive teams said electricians and engineers are laying cables and lighting along a route from the cave entrance to a forward base around a mile-and-a-quarter inside.  He said they form part of a "daisy chain" of divers, who take turns to swim approximately 100 yards with supplies and equipment before passing it to the diver next in line.

The diver, who asked not the be identified, said the rescue team comprised divers from several countries, including Australia, Britain, China, and the U.S.

"It's amazing how when you've got people together and nobody speaks each other's language you can still make yourself understood," he said.

The contrast could not be more stark.  Nearly the same number of children, in one case killed or murdered and in the other case stranded in a cave, yet the whole world is mobilized by the left-wing media swarming over the latter.  This odious hatred of President Trump and his kindness is worse than fake news or even propaganda.  This is evil.

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