Seriously: Call in the Secret Service to investigate Special Agent Strzok

I was serious when I initially called for the Secret Service to interview FBI special agent Peter Strzok in a previous American Thinker article:

A group of individuals with badges and guns who threaten to "stop" the president of the United States should not just be investigated by the FBI; rather, the president can direct the Secret Service to also investigate such a threat, including use of lie-detectors.  Using the words "we'll stop" is that serious.

This video (via Gateway Pundit) makes my point:

The actor James Woods nails it:

Here is Special Agent Strzok's pitiful explanation for using the word "stop" that is even more damning if true:

In terms of the texts that – we will stop it, you need to understand that that was written late at night, off the cuff, and it was in response to a series of events that included then candidate Trump insulting the immigrant family of a fallen war hero.

He has a clearance, a badge, and a gun,  and he is so angry about Candidate Trump that he links his anger to a death in combat of a fallen hero.  He'd better be quizzed as to whether his direct reference to violent death warrants violence in his mind late at night.  He should be assessed to see if he is a driven man empowered to change the course of American history.

In such cases, caution is always advised.  I bet that if the FBI or the Secret Service identified someone putting messages on the internet from  a government address with absolutely no self-control or awareness of his overblown ego, who was trained in the use of firearms, threatening to "stop" the president, there would be an investigation.   

As far as giving him a Purple Heart, such a stupid comment takes away from the earned military valor of Democrat representatives and senators who served and bled while in uniform.  Such buffoonery also cheapens their honorable candidates standing for election in 2018 who have a Purple Heart.

We have only one member in my immediate family who earned a Purple Heart: my only uncle, after whom I am named, who was KIA on Iwo Jima.  So, you stupid, stupid congressman, leave that medal out of your trying to score cheap political points and apologize.

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