Pompeo vs. the rabble of the Senate

The formidable Mike Pompeo testified Wednesday before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. Pompeo gave a powerful and informative opening statement, but from then on, the hearing devolved into a three-hour circus to behold.  Apparently, not one of the Democrats sitting there heard that opening statement.  Instead, each and every Democrat, when he got his chance to question Pompeo, made a complete and utter fool of himself. Clearly, Pompeo has a lot of I.Q. points on all of them.  They asked their questions as accusations, especially regarding Trump's sit-down with Putin in Helsinki.  When they did not like the beginning of an answer, they rudely interrupted to make certain Pompeo was unable to finish. It drives them crazy that they have not been provided a transcript for exactly what was said between the two leaders.  They never cared, however, when Obama had private meetings with other leaders or when he quite...(Read Full Post)