New slogan: Whom are the Democrats really for?

It isn't for the people who will never see the outside of the womb, because Democrats love abortion.

It isn't for the people who believe that marriage between one man and one woman is all that God ordained, because Democrats hate God.

It isn't for the people who know that boys can only become men and girls can only become women, because Democrats have mainstreamed mental madness.

It isn't for the people who believe that their elected officials should represent only them, because Democrats will represent any potential vote, constituents or not, legal or not.

It isn't for the American poor, because Democrats care for only poor homeless illegal aliens.

It isn't for people who place their trust in God, because Democrats voted God out in 2012.

It is for people who want ICE disbanded, because Democrats do not care how drugs, gangs, and human-traffickers harm Americans.

It is for anti-2nd Amendment celebrities with armed guards, living in gated communities.

It is for politicians who consistently vote against school vouchers while placing their own children in private schools at taxpayer expense.

It is for people who, after seeing their three-year-old son play with a doll, dress him as a girl.

It is for drag queens reading stories to kindergarteners.

It is for homosexual Boy Scout leaders.

It is for businesses that offer public restrooms based on sexual identity instead of sexual reality.  

It is for the transgenders, the non-binary, the pansexual, the sexually fluid, and people with unknown sexual identities.

It is for illegal aliens who take citizen resources and dare the citizens to complain.    

It is for illegal alien criminals who terrorize and kill citizens in sanctuary cities.

It is for drug addicts who leaves syringes and feces on streets where schoolchildren walk.

It is for atheistic educators dedicated to teaching only the lies they believe.

It is for all who embrace their own truth, as long as it is non-biblical, non-judgmental, and nonsense.  

It is for Democrats.

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