Lucky us, Al Franken wants back in

Minnesota's Al Franken, the television "comedian" who got run out of the Senate for sex harassment and general creep-pervert behavior a year ago, sounds as though he wants to run again.

Run, Al, run!

According to the Washington Free Beacon:

Former Sen. Al Franken (D., Minn.) said he hadn't ruled out the possibility of running for public office again during an interview with a CBS Minnesota television station on Monday.

Franken attended the dedication of Bug-O-Nay-Ge-Shig High School on the Leech Lake Indian Reservation.  He sat on the Indian Affairs Committee in the U.S. Senate and helped secure $12 million in funding for new facilities to replace the old one, which was in dismal condition.

"That means a lot to me.  It was very moving for me.  It was very gratifying.  I put my heart in the job," Franken said.  "I miss the whole job.  I loved that job, I loved the job as Senator."

"Will you run for office again?" WCCO-TV reporter Esme Murphy asked.

"Well, see, if I say anything there, you'll put it in the story.  I don't know.  I don't know," Franken said.  "I haven't ruled it out, and I haven't ruled it in."

In other words, he's decided the coast is clear on #MeToo, the group has lost its influence, and too many other leftists have been caught with their hands in the groper's till for voters to care anymore.  Storm over, time to grope again.  No more Twitter calls to resign for disgusting behavior, like this one:



Franken has long been problematic for Democrats over this kind of activity, the kind that gets big-name Hollywood producers unceremoniously thrown out and turns off female (and gentlemanly male) voters.  Yet, Franken being Franken, he has from the beginning thought the rules against being a pig don't apply to him.  He took months and months to resign, falling on his sword ahead of the primaries, in a bid to sacrifice himself for a "blue wave" that probably isn't going to happen.  That cheesed him off, no doubt.  Meanwhile, his minions on Twitter have spread conspiracy theories about how Republican bots, rather than his own behavior, and those wretched photos – not just of the boob-grab above, but plenty of others – did him in.

It was always all other people's fault – their rules, and their publicity.  He was just being a Hollywood guy, see?  It was never he.  It was always the other guy.

And since he's left-wing, it excuses everything.

Conclusion?  Time to run again.  He wants back in, convinced Minnesota's voters will take him, another dinosaur and has-been on the Nancy Pelosi-Chuck Schumer spectrum, addicted to that wonderful Senate power.

Color me skeptical.  Well, go for it, Al.  Just don't imagine that the vote-rigging works every single time.