Liberal hypocrisy: Independence Day edition

It was hardly surprising that many liberals spent the Fourth of July holiday railing against America rather than celebrating her.  It was, for example, an opportunity for Elizabeth Warren – flatteringly referred to as "Pocahontas" – to remind angry crowds that whatever is going on at the southern border does not jibe with America's "morality."

The nervous Nelly senator from Massachusetts must think she knows what "morality" is, even though she falsely represented herself to be of American Indian descent in order to cop a high-paying professorship at Harvard.  Now that her own morality has been questioned, Warren refuses even to take a DNA test.  No doubt, it would consume time from busily galloping around the country to incendiary rallies on her ancestral Appaloosa.  By now, the cat of crass liberal hypocrisy is out of the bag.

Recently, we were handed another dose by hypocritical L.A. Mayor Eric Garcetti, who, like Canada's Justin Trudeau, seems always enviably to have stepped from the pages of a G-Q. Summit.  There – in all his sartorial splendor – stood Hiz Honor, predictably whipping up the sympathetic crowd by falsely claiming that frightened infants on the border have been "ripped" from the arms of their frantic parents.  Truth doesn't matter when it doesn't have to.

So while the mayor weeps for detained Central Americans, thousands of U.S. citizens in his own City of the Angels and elsewhere in Southern California live on the streets in conditions far worse than the so-called "cages" – in reality, rooms enclosed by chain-link fencing – built along the southern border.

Garcetti did not volunteer any reasonable solution to either problem, such as volunteering to refurbish and open up empty warehouses in the neglected areas of his city to temporarily, at least, house those in need.  Perhaps he feels that it is enough just to declare Los Angeles a "sanctuary city" that warmly welcomes all comers – unless they happen to wear an ICE uniform.

Liberal leaders who live in big glass houses are fond of sanctimoniously throwing stones that fall far short of reaching a solution.  All that seems to matter to them is getting the contentious issue out there in public view, where it can stoke the fires of their own political ambition.

In fact, actual solutions to problems can be downright inconvenient in an election year.  So even if an issue has been resolved – as it was when President Trump rescinded the child separation rule – it is still trumpeted.  After all, a big, fat lie can pack more emotional punch than the unvarnished truth.

Whatever the subject, liberals always presume to be well positioned on moral high ground.  And since they love to express themselves, they may well have co-opted the slogan racket.  For Trump's single slogan to "Make America Great Again," his hateful detractors have multiple-upped him by spawning a slew of slogans as the need arises.  In the manner of advertising hustlers, they zealously hoist their catchy zingers up the flagpole to see who will salute.  No doubt they view their slogans as a clever means of besting their nemesis at his own game.  "Love Trumps Hate," is ironically one of them – even as the left rains down vitriol on anyone who associates with Trump.

Feminists who proudly don pink pussy hats in support of "women" don't think twice about attacking a Republican who happens to have a vagina.  In today's contentious environment, it's the birds of political feather who flock together.  So-called "gender politics" is germane only when it serves the liberal's ideological ends.

Thus, the hand-made placards and banners appear endlessly, their creators often unaware of the irony.  During a recent immigration protest, a sanctimonious liberal stood outside the Supreme Court building, waving a hand-painted placard that read, "Respect All Human Life."  Would this sentiment be appropriate at a rally for women's choice?  Or, in that case, would the explanation be that a fetus is not really "human"?  Would these sentimentalists shed tears if an eaglet pecked its younger sibling to death?  Well, of course, that is not "human" life."  On the other hand, MS-13 gang-bangers can be categorized as human beings – at least according to Nancy Pelosi.  Having made it out of the birth canal, they have somehow earned the distinction of never being confused with "animals."

Most particularly, on a national holiday such as the Fourth of July, Americans must manage to put a happy face on the right of citizens to march in protest, even if at times freedom of speech seems more like freedom of screech.  As precious as this birthright is, it can only earn its stripes – and stars? – when protests move toward progress and slogans to solutions.

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