Kimberly Guilfoyle suddenly out at Fox News amid 'tensions'

Mum's the word (so far) on the nature of the "tensions" that accompanied the separation of Kimberly Guilfoyle from Fox News, where she has been featured on The Five and other programming for the last five years.  Howard Kurtz, the network's media critic, reported the tensions on his Media Buzz show yesterday, and Mediaite reports on his segment (video below):

"Guilfoyle, a former prosecutor, has been a popular conservative voice here at Fox for a dozen years, most of it at The Five," said Kurtz.  "She's also been considered for a job in the Trump White House, and as I reported on this program weeks ago, the situation became more complicated when she started dating Donald Trump, Jr." ...

"I can report that Guilfoyle views this move as a rare opportunity," he said.  "She is about to join America First, the pro-Trump PAC as Vice-Chairwoman, to be a TV spokeswoman and fundraiser for the President.  She also plans to hit the campaign trail with Donald, Jr. for the mid-terms.  And the two have told friends that marriage could be in their future." ...

"But behind the scenes, there have been tensions as lawyers on both sides have tried to negotiate the issues surrounding her departure," Kurtz reported.

"I wish Kimberly all the best" he then said, without further explanation of the issues that caused the tension. The network placed the clip of this brief segment on their website.

Kimberly Guilfoyle addresses a Turning Point USA meeting in Dallas earlier this year.  (Photo by Gage Skidmore, Flickr).

Here is the segment via Grabien:

Kurtz's report might be a "modified limited hangout."

I have no inside information on the reasons for the departure, who initiated the separation, or the nature of the tensions in the negotiations.  But my guess is that the network became uneasy about a member of the cast of a weekday show who was so close to the current administration, especially since the POTUS relies so heavily on family members.  My other guess is that money had something to do with the tensions over negotiating Guilfoyle's departure.  The old saying that "whenever people say it isn't about money, it's about money" comes to mind.

I doubt that Guilfoyle will disappear from the nation's TV screens, and I would not rule out a future appointment as some kind of White House official.   

For those who do not remember, Guilfoyle's initial media fame had much to do with her marriage to Gavin Newsom, then-mayor of San Francisco and current lt. governor of California, expected to be elected as governor in November.

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