Judicial nominee pulled because of opposition to 'multiculturalism'

President Trump was forced to pull the nomination of Ryan Bounds for a federal circuit judgeship on the Ninth Circuit because of the judge's writings decades ago against so-called "multiculturalism" while a student at Stanford.  GOP senators Tim Scott and Marco Rubio objected to the nominee's writings. The Senate's only black Republican, Tim Scott of South Carolina, had concerns about those writings and Mr. Bounds's inability to clarify how his thinking had changed since then, according to a Senate Republican aide.  At least one other Republican, Senator Marco Rubio of Florida, agreed to join Mr. Scott in opposition to Mr. Bounds's nomination, according to another Republican aide. Let's look at some of Bounds's writings: In one of his Stanford articles, Bounds described a phenomenon he called "race-think," in which "multiculturalistas" and ethnic minorities bonded together...(Read Full Post)