Jealous brats

The zeitgeist of grade school days stays unchanged in some adults, who act in the same childish ways but conceal their animus with various cloaks held up to make immature passions appear legitimate, even to themselves.

Congress and much of government attracts, is filled to bursting with the kind of people whose childish emotions, not intellectual deliberations, rule.

Rare and overworked, few statesmen remain.  The public have been numbed by a slow drumbeat of colossal incompetence and outright corruption from the adult brats populating government.  A few minutes' viewing of Congress in session shows them petty and childish, with no thought of protecting the United States or conducting its proper business; their sole occupation, other than getting re-elected, is to disrupt meaningful work, opting instead to generate more micro-regulation of public thoughts and behavior.

This is the Establishment.

Frankly, the low wattage of lawmakers as a whole is both embarrassing and dangerous.  The incompetence is palpable.  It would take ten of them with a CPA to balance a checkbook.  Most have never held a real job, and most intend never to do so, going cradle-to-grave clamped firmly onto the public teat.  After visiting Washington, D.C., one writer observed that he'd never seen "such a wretched hive of scum and villainy."

We no longer have the luxury of reliance upon the good ethics and morals of our lawmakers.  Many have thrown off all pretense of morality after having decided that government is fully autonomous from Almighty God, not subject to arcane precepts of good and evil that heretofore stood in their way.  "In Government We Trust," they say.  No sin is out of reach in pursuit of control and money.

These constitute the swamp that needs draining.  It is long overdue.

President Reagan said "there is nothing on this earth closer to eternal life than a governmental regulatory agency."  Agencies like the FDA, EPA, DOE, et al. are functioning, intact mini-governments set up by Congress to terrorize the people in all the myriad ways they, as just one constitutional branch of the government, cannot.  By these bureaus they extend their reach, probing for control of every segment of society.  They exempt themselves from their own onerous output.  This also is the Establishment.

In adult clothing these schoolyard brats deign to assume the mantle of leaders of our Republic.  Recent events show how they fooled us into regarding them with respect.  To protect their precious swamp, they've closed ranks and, using the big liberal media constantly, groundlessly accuse President Trump of the very crimes they themselves have committed.  The swamp is incensed and wants him out.  It is a script – they're making us a movie.

Some in both parties are jealous of President Trump.  He clearly doesn't need money, a gorgeous and elegant wife, notoriety, recognition, accolades, an accomplished family, good looks, bearing, or power.  He has all these.

They're beside themselves that this rank outlander of whom they are bitterly envious should come into their midst to disturb their nesting sites.

He shines light revealing them; they don't look good.

Jealous brats.

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