Is that a catheter bag under Hillary Clinton's loose clothing?

Hot summer day, and Hillary Clinton was spotted again at a public speaking event, wearing voluminous clothes - with curious lumps under them. Jim Hoft's GatewayPundit had the picture sequence, along with a collection of reactions from assorted characters on Twitter, few of them being nice about it. But some were more thoughtful than others, with speculation on what really might be happening. Here is one: Colostomy bag — GayPatriot™️ (@GayPatriot) July 22, 2018   The thread that followed from that tweet (on twitter beyond the GatewayPundit post) was even more interesting as health professionals with knowledge of medical equipment weighed in; here are the two most credible speculations:   As a nurse, it's more like a catheter bag, if its anything at all.. — Bukerbabe 🌻🕊️ (@Athens7316) July 22, 2018 — Chastity Arnold...(Read Full Post)