How low will CNN go?

Donald Trump has driven CNN mad.

There can be no other conclusion, after watching the compilation video from Grabien embedded below.

Bad as vulgarity is, at least we can take satisfaction in the fact that it is driving viewers away from the senior all-news cable network, now deeply embedded in a distant third place:

Overall in prime time, Fox averaged 2.45 million viewers and 480,000 in the 25–54 demographic.  MSNBC took second, with 1.74 million viewers and 346,000 in the prized demographic, and CNN finished third, with an average of 929,000 viewers per night and 302,000 viewers in the 25-54 demographic.

CNN's ratings collapse is all the more notable in the context of heightened public interest in political news in the Era of Trump:

Pew Research Center found in a study last year that cable networks were the main source of political news for Americans during the 2016 election season.  Despite ratings and the prime-time cable news race, the study also found the number of people watching the channels has gone up from 2.7 and 4.7 million since 2017.  Spending on advertising and overall revenue has gone up too, notably during the election.  

"For the three channels in 2016, they garnered $1.9 billion and that was up from $1.4 billion the year before," said Katerina Eva Matsa, associate director for journalism research at Pew Research Center.

Poor CNN is so consumed with hatred that it is left behind.  See why:

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