Help fight free speech deniers and promote intellectual diversity on campus

As an American Thinker reader, you are likely concerned about the abysmal state of free speech and intellectual diversity on U.S. college campuses.  If so, the following headlines from a recent article in Inside Higher Ed are sobering:

Giving to Colleges Rises by 6.3%

Alumni donors help push charitable totals to $43.6 billion in 2017

Clearly, the erosion of free speech and intellectual diversity on campus has not created a needed financial backlash against the offending institutions, except in some high-visibility instances.

Perhaps this situation gives you reason to pause and reflect upon your personal relationship with your alma mater.  You went to college years, maybe decades ago.  You enjoyed your college years, made great friends, and received a quality education that prepared you for your future.  As a proud alumnus, you have consistently provided financial support to your alma mater over the years.

But in recent years, you have watched as your school and most others have been transformed into free speech deniers, intellectual echo-chambers, havens for political correctness, and purveyors of identity politics.  Your frustration is now at a level where you are wondering whether or not to continue supporting your alma mater.  You ponder this question: have my contributions been used by my college to exacerbate the problem?

This is where Fund Freedom comes in.  Its website ( provides frustrated alumni (and others) with information on, and links to, schools and other non-profit organizations that foster and champion free speech, intellectual diversity, and constitutional integrity.  The website provides disaffected alumni an avenue to redirect their financial support from their alma maters to these schools and entities, recognized by Fund Freedom as its "recommended recipient organizations." 

Donors need not redirect their contributions totally away from their alma maters, as several of the recipient organizations featured on the site sponsor campus-based student clubs or are campus-based entities operating outside the purview of the school's general fund.  These organizations provide alumni the opportunity to channel their financial support to entities actively fighting for free speech and intellectual diversity at their alma maters.

The site also provides visitors access to hundreds of articles documenting instances on campuses where free speech and intellectual diversity have been denied, or evidencing the cultural Marxism that dominates the campus experience today. 

Fund Freedom's goals are threefold:

  1. Divert alumni (and other) financial contributions away from institutions of higher education that have lost sight of the fundamental values of free speech and intellectual diversity.
  2. Funnel these diverted contributions to schools and other organizations more aligned with the freedom-oriented values of disaffected alumni donors.
  3. Ultimately to have the ability to inform the schools of the aggregate amount of alumni financial support diverted away from them via  We believe that this is the most powerful way for alumni to deliver the message of their frustration to their alma maters.

Donors can be confident that their contributions will be put to good use efficiently, as 100% of donations facilitated by flow directly from the donor to the recipient school or organization.  No contributions go through, or to, Fund Freedom.  Tax deductibility, if applicable, is maintained.

College and university administrators must be held accountable for the stifling and P.C.-infused intellectual and ideological atmospheres that exist on their campuses today.  Fund Freedom offers alumni and other supporters an opportunity to participate in the effort to bring about change and restore this accountability on campus.  Through our collective financial strength, we can lead the way in bringing intellectual balance, free speech, and true scholarship back to our nation's colleges and universities.  Our country's college students deserve nothing less.

George Harbison is founder, Fund Freedom.

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