Feminists now demanding 'menstrual equity'

Whoever said feminists weren't supply-siders?  Feminists and their fellow travelers are demanding that tampons be tax-free.

You have to almost feel sorry for feminists.  They've been pushed aside by more virtuous groups like illegal aliens and men disguised as women.  These new identity group darlings have sucked all the oxygen out of the liberal media, forcing feminists to make more and more outlandish claims to get attention, such as:

1. There's a rape epidemic on American campuses.

2. That women don't have access to birth control.

3. That women's reproductive health is threatened, even though no one has ever suggested sterilizing women.

4. That women are sexually harassed in the workplace so widely that every workplace is just like a Hollywood studio.

And now liberals are claiming that the tax on tampons should be lifted since only women pay the tax.  Is this really the foremost concern that liberals have for women in America?

Tax-free earrings for MSNBC's Melissa Harris-Perry?


[I]n the United States, activists are bringing the concept of "menstrual equity" into the public debate.

Advocates are also urging states to exempt menstrual hygiene products from sales tax, arguing that they're a necessity.

A frequent refrain: Why are tampons taxed when Viagra is not?

...because one is a prescription medicine?  I seem to remember that condoms are taxed; should that tax also be lifted because it applies only to men?

[W]omen – and transgender and nonbinary people who menstruate [sic] – are talking about it in public more than ever before. 

A good point, but they also left out mermaids, mermen who are transitioning to mermaids, and androids with expansion slots.

A New York congressman recently got into a spat with House administrators over whether he could expense $37.16 worth of tampons for his staff and visitors.

Staffers on Capitol Hill are not paid enough to buy tampons?  Do tourists who come to Washington, D.C. have enough money for plane fare, a hotel, food, and entertainment, but not enough funds for tampons?

The article also promoted a high-tech solution to women's problems called "Livia," a device that electronically stimulates a woman's nether regions to turn pain into pleasure.  I'm sure it's just a matter of time before health insurance plans are required to pay for it, all in the name of "equity."

The claim that women cannot afford tampons is as bogus as other claims feminists make.  Women have had a solution to this since the invention of fabric some 25,000 years ago.  It's called washable rags.  Everyone can afford them.  That's what most women throughout the world use, and have used, since the dawn of time.

This latest example of manufactured outrage shows us how much the feminist movement has run out of steam.  Not only that, but feminists are actually losing ground as disguised men feel free to go into women's locker rooms and showers and compete against women in sports, something unheard of even ten years ago.  If feminists want to compete, they need to do something to raise their virtue relative to the more prized identity groups in the liberal freak show constituency.

Ed Straker is the senior writer at Newsmachete.com.

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