Facebook rejects July 4th music video for 'political content'

My wife Mary tried to purchase a boost ad on Facebook to promote the July 4th release of my "We Are Americans" music video.  The video was rejected for "political content."  Since when did reminding people of who we are as Americans and encouraging people to turn to God become political? I was alerted that a Nashville Christian musician has also been rejected by Facebook.  Meanwhile, Facebook has gone full-blown supportive of leftist politics and anti-God.  Gender has become totally politicized.  Facebook offers 71 gender options, which include asexual, polygender, and two-spirit person – whatever the heck that is.   In my ad rejected by Facebook, I said, "My fellow Americans, my heart goes out for our country.  We have fallen away from biblical principles and values which have made America the shining city on a hill.  During your July 4th Independence Day...(Read Full Post)