Devin Nunes looking for 'legal remedies' against Twitter censorship

Oh, for a million Devin Nuneses!  Sadly, we have just one, but fortunately, he's industrious.

The California congressman who blew the lid off the corrupt Deep-State effort to spy on President Trump, with all its flawed FISA warrants and pattycake with foreign opposition research firms, now says he's looking for "legal remedies" to Twitter's shadowbanning.

According to the Daily Caller:

Twitter's censorship problem looks like it's here to stay.

The company faced a sharp backlash last week after a Vice News investigation revealed that Twitter was hiding several prominent Republicans from its search bar.

Those affected included four House Republicans: Rep. Devin Nunes of California, Rep. Matt Gaetz of Florida, Rep. Jim Jordan of Ohio and Mark Meadows of North Carolina.  All four are members of the conservative House Freedom Caucus.  Democrats weren't affected in the same way, Vice found.

Nunes is looking at taking legal steps against Twitter, he said in a Fox News interview on Sunday.  "It sure looks to me like they are censoring people and they ought to stop it," the California Republican said.  "We are looking at any legal remedies to go through."

There certainly appears to be evidence of Twitter censorship in the case of Texas GOP sen. Ted Cruz as well.

We don't see any leftists getting shadowbanned.

It's kind of a job for Nunes, because Twitter is now denying that it ever shadowbans, which means a lot of obfuscations are about to be thrown his way, given the evidence that it does.  Even ABC News is skeptical of Twitter's claims, and that is saying a lot.

The problem here is that censoring Republicans without censoring comparable Democrats amounts to in-kind campaign donations, same as free ad spots would be in the case of television.  Squelching conservative voices, even though doing so reduces traffic and readership for Twitter's bottom line, is obviously an anti-competitive business practice, comparable to dumping in the trade world, and suggests that Twitter is an undeclared PAC for the Democrats.

If that can be proven, it can either force Twitter to get out of the censorship business and declare itself a public utility, similar to the phone company (which isn't responsible for the conversations of its customers), or else deliver to it the fines and prison terms for undeclared campaign activity – the kind that got Dinesh D'Souza thrown into prison – it deserves.  It's one or the other, and Twitter is going to have to decide what it wants.

Nunes is after Twitter, and we all know that Nunes gets to the bottom of things.  Twitter can make it as difficult as it wants, but Nunes will find out and expose what's going on, because he always does.  It's never smart to be a weasel around a guy like Nunes.

Image credit: Screenshot from Natural News via Vimeo.