Dem nightmare deepens as party is 'underperforming' among Hispanics

Golly gee, it turns out that race-baiting and fear-mongering aren't paying off for the Democrats and that Hispanic voters are not universally motivated by the call of open borders.

Josh Kraushaar reports for the National Journal:

Democrats counting on President Trump's hard-line immigration policies to spark energized Hispanic turnout and a wave against GOP candidates in this year's midterms will be surprised to see what's transpiring.  Even during the heat of the family-separation crisis, Democrats are underperforming in heavily Hispanic constituencies, from GOP-held border battlegrounds in Texas to diversifying districts in Southern California to the nation's most populous Senate battleground in Florida[.]

It's becoming increasingly obvious that Democrats believe all sorts of racist stereotypes about minorities: that blacks are incapable of advancing themselves without help from Democrats and the quotas they espouse, and that Hispanics are all supportive of illegal immigration, for example.

Kraushaar makes the interesting point:

If immigration affects the battle for Congress, it will be because of the anti-Trump backlash among suburban women as much as any increased mobilization in the Hispanic communities.

If he means "soccer moms," he is probably mistaken.  Trump won a majority of the vote among married women.  Increasingly, the Democrats rely on single women, both childless and single mothers, for their support.