Another anti-Trump newspaper hurting

Here's another virulent anti-Trump newspaper taking a wallop.  This is a biggie – the 99-year-old New York Daily News.  It is thought that the newspaper is losing about $30 million a year.  Interestingly, the paper was sold to media giant Tronc last September by previous owner Mort Zuckerman for a one dollar.

The headline story from rival New York Post on Monday was "Daily News bloodbath slashes editorial staff in half." 

The story went on to relate how half the newsroom staff had to be let go in an attempt to stem financial losses.  "The cuts tore into senior editors, with editor-in-chief Jim Rich, managing editor Kristen Lee, politics editor Dareh Gregorian and breaking news editor Zach Haberman all getting axed."


But now it seems the layoffs are more than double what was previously reported.  "On top of the nearly four dozen reporters, editors and photographers laid off on Monday, the paper's parent company, Tronc, cut loose dozens of other employees – perhaps back-office staff or victims of other yet-to-be-disclosed layoffs – according to yet-to-be state filings."  

How anti-Trump is the Daily News?  Pictures are worth a thousand words.  Here's a link to some of the front pages of the Daily News showing just how deranged the newspaper is regarding President Donald Trump.  The inside stories and editorials matched these front-page leads.

It is not known at this time whether or not these layoffs will temper the Trump-hate emanating from the Daily News, or whether or not the paper's position on Trump had hurt its circulation.

It could well be that the Daily News's Trump Derangement Symptom (TDS) was a factor.  After all, the Daily News is a tabloid that caters to the middle class – Trump's base.  No Upper West Side card-carrying lefty would be caught dead holding the Daily News regardless of its Trump-bashing.  Either way, the influence of the Daily News is sure to continue to diminish, and in my opinion, this is all for the good.

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