A hatred ignored from the pulpit

On Sunday, 22 July, I was enlightened to learn, in a sermon by Father Paul Pluth at St. Mary's Church in Coupeville, Wash., that hate is dividing this country.  Of course, I knew that.  He also asserted that erecting a border wall is hateful.  That I didn't know.  I've definitely known about hate speech, but I was surprised to learn there is...hate construction.  Who knew?

Nevertheless, the father is right.  I have observed the hate.  It's not from the deplorables toward illegals, however.  It's the venom directed by virtue-signaling liberals toward Trump and his administration and his supporters.  As expected, the sermon contained not a sniff of a shred of a shadow of a penumbra of a soupçon of a hint about that hatred – the liberal animus that's dividing our nation.  No, Father Paul's chiding was entirely confined to some imagined and contrived hatred, and I hasten to add, an ersatz racism, that the pope and the leftist priests and bishops are determined to believe that the deplorables harbor toward illegals.  Liberals, lacking facts, manufacture them.  That's come to be known as fake news.  The Church is issuing it from the pulpit and has been doing so ever since Trump defeated Hillary.

The hostility fomented by "tolerant" liberals has risen to a such a level that now administration officials and Trump-supporters are issued death threats, are bullied in public places, and are provoked at their homes.  To this day, I have yet to hear a single word from the pulpit about that.  Ironic, isn't it?  The priest reprimands Trump-supporters about a hatred that doesn't exist and completely ignores that which does.  That's hypocrisy of a special kind.  Thimble-rigging fits, I think.

To the pope and those "tolerant" bishops and priests of the Catholic Church, try to comprehend this.  Read it slowly and often: 

"We always lock the doors of our home, not because we hate those outside, but because we love those inside."  –Anonymous

Photo credit: Mani Albrecht via Flickr.