Trey Gowdy wants specifics from DOJ on the indictment of 12 Russians

In his role as chairman of the House Oversight Committee, Trey Gowdy is pressing for details on an allegation made in the indictment issued by Special Counsel Robert Mueller against 12 Russian individuals accused of hacking the DNC and Hillary campaign.  In a letter addressed to A.G. Sessions and Deputy A.G. Rosenstein (who is supervising Mueller), he writes:

It's been variously reported that:

(a) some Republican operative contacted Guccifer, and

(b) some Republican congressman from Fla. contacted Guccifer.

Of course, there'd be nothing illegal in that if true.  I suspect Gowdy thinks the latter claim in an indictment of the 12 Russians is false and just thrown in there for partisan political reasons.

And I suspect, if that is correct, it would be embarrassing and discrediting to Mueller.

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