A dish best served cold

Democrats are in a panic because ten-term representative Joe Crowley out of New York, in line for a high leadership post in the party, was beaten by the seat-of-the-pants campaign of 28-year-old Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

This is no cause for celebration on the right, because Ocasio-Cortez seems to be to the left of far-lefty Bernie Sanders.  An avowed socialist, Ocasio-Cortez may herald a new era of lunatic positions and politics on the left.

Not that we haven't seen that before.

Polls have shown that Millennials in general think socialism is just grand.  Evidently, they are paying no attention to the catastrophe that has overtaken Venezuela under socialist president Nicolás Maduro – people starving and fleeing the country by the hundreds of thousands as hyperinflation sucks all the oxygen out of the economy.  This result always accompanies socialism, because socialism kills personal initiative and unfailingly births hyper-corruption.

You can't but feel a bit of schadenfreude now that the Democrats are confronting the reality of their own efforts to dumb down America.  Millennials, frankly, are just too ignorant to run the country.  You can argue that the same is true of any Democrat, but that argument just goes in circles.  Even Democrats know that the farther left you go on the political spectrum, the less things work the way they're supposed to work.  They just pretend not to know because that's part of the fun of being a prog.

Nope, going too far left doesn't bother Democrats about a Millennial takeover, and neither does a ruined economy or a destroyed country.  As individuals, they just hate giving up the power that took them decades to attain.  And now here come these upstarts who will surely seek vengeance on the Old Dem Hillary-backers who cheated socialist lodestone Bernie in 2016.

After all, that's what the Old Dems would do if they were taking over.

Revenge probably gave birth to politics.

With any luck, internecine warfare will ensue among Democrats for a decade or more.  All the corruption of the Obama-Hillary camp will come out and possibly destroy the Democratic machine once and for all.  Both Old and New Democrats see this war beckoning, and neither will claim to want it, but neither will yield.  It should be an entertaining fight, given all the things they can't say because of P.C. strictures, but which will be the true basis for the fight.

It may come down to which side can shake its fist at the other, one finger at a time, with more feeling.

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