With all its faults, the IG report is historical

The recently released I.G. report heavily criticizing James Comey and Peter Strzok but concluding that there was no evidence of bias in the final decision is the equivalent of a report on a cookbook by Chef Bobby Flay that finds no evidence of any recipes.  Reasonable Americans across the country rightfully have found the I.G.'s report thorough on evidentiary content but ridiculous regarding conclusions.

Nevertheless, the I.G.'s report is historical and monumental for several reasons.  For starters, the report uncovers the reality of a Deep State, where high-ranking government officials use their power to operate outside department rules, regulations, and the law to disqualify a legitimately elected U.S. president.  Whereas before the report's release, one could argue that the belief in a Deep State was the stuff reserved for tinfoil hat-wearing cranks, now to deny the existence of the Deep State is to deny reality. 

The second gift of the I.G.'s report exposes a conspiracy.  When Lisa Page asked Strzok if Trump would be president, Strzok replied, "No he won't.  We'll stop it."  The key word is "we," which includes a high-ranking official in the person of Strzok and points to one or more persons working with him in stopping Trump – the definition of a conspiracy.

Again, before the report's release, just mentioning the term "conspiracy" could result in lost credibility.  Now the hard evidence showing that two senior FBI agents communicated their need to take down a president makes the claim legitimate.

It was Trey Gowdy, as chairman of the Benghazi Committee, who uncovered Clinton's use of a private email server, not the fourth estate. 

It was Republicans working on congressional committees who uncovered inconsistencies regarding the FBI's probe of Hillary Clinton's email server, not the fourth estate.  And although not part of the Hillary server scandal, it was not the fourth estate, but instead the House Intelligence Committee that exposed the discredited Steele dossier central to the FBI's FISA application.

These facts lead to a less apparent but significant exposure of the mutual objectives and close connection between the left and a propaganda network masquerading as an objective truth-seeking media.  The facts proving massive bias and corruption by FBI director Comey should have been exposed long ago and communicated to the public if this country had a real media.  But this propaganda network either ignored or hid the facts from the public.  This points to a common goal of the left and the media.  The short-term goal is the removal of President Trump from office; the long-range goal is the dismantling of the United States Constitution and the transformation of the country into a socialist, globalist polity without a national identity.

The I.G. report sheds light on the fact that conservative Americans are at a significant disadvantage in the struggle against the left to preserve the Union.  While conservatives pore over legal precedents and debate the ethics of their actions, the left's war is without regard to the rule of law, honesty, or integrity and is buttressed by a propaganda network that gives only the left's side of any story.

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